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3 min readOct 28, 2015
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Accept What Is

If you’re healthy, be grateful for breathing easily. If it’s hard to breath accept what is, accept that where you are in this moment has a message for you in it that leads to feeling better in a matter of hours. Think and hold onto one thing that makes you happy for today then repeat that process every day. Even if life is never free of past burdening memories, love yourself unconditionally now, because you’re not who you were yesterday, neither can you be 100% certain of who you will be tomorrow.

Like Attracts Like

Fantasizing about being swept off their feet, many romantic souls are waiting eternally for The One Mate that they’ve met in their dreams to show up in flesh and bones. But better than waiting for mirages, a realistic way to find The One Soulmate is to start being the ideal love you are eagerly desirous to receive, yourself. This helps lots of people find true love because the more you practice being your own kind of love, the more likely it is that your energy will draw another similar to you toward you.

Contact Your Inner World

What dream do you refuse to listen to? Through the quiet experience self reflection, permit yourself to dream big and to appreciate it. Give your heart permission to take care of you by following its yearnings till you weep for joy.

love yourself
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Form relationships where you don’t feel taken for granted. In loneliness you don’t feel needed. The path to unconditional love is meant to make you feel beautiful for when you meet bliss at the end of it.
Show your love to someone who can’t return the favor right now.
Reaching out sometimes to help someone out without becoming a doormat, means being kind to another for as long as, if the roles were reversed, they’ll be there for you too when you call.
That’s why it’s good to walk your life along people who make you feel golden. Golden like the love you see in yourself, let it shine, let it be reflected back at you from all auras around you.

But don’t take a long walk after dark in dodgy corners with secret haters.
Look around and realize, not everyone is your friend in the park, especially if you doubt.
Who is in harmony with who you are becoming, who really likes you for who you are now, and who conspires against you each time they kiss you?
This isn’t rejecting others without compassion, this is about self protection from psychic invasions. Take the right to be surrounded with sympathizers of the life you choose to live.

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