How To Overcome Compulsive Consumerism? 3 Remedies

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8 min readJun 11, 2015
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Do You Really Need One More Item?

About to compulsively buy The Next Shiny Object? Wait. Do you really need all these new things?

With pinches of happiness here and there, life is brief, happiness flees quickly, and the rest bores you to death. Thus, if it makes you happy for 24 hours or only for five minutes, why refrain from indulging in weekly shopping sprees? After all, it’s creating profits for some. Yet it’s sad for the exploited hands that create the things you don’t need but want. Everyone must make a living because everyone needs a few things and wants everything.

Driving through fate empty, low on feelings, it’s easy to positively boost one’s optimism with the world’s most prestigious ways of life. Especially since your minds are sold non-stop reality TV through social media platforms where your private lives are commercialized, and influenced by a celebrity culture those new rock stars are entrepreneurs put on pedestals.

Meanwhile, the mass media terrorized you with global warming warnings, with overpopulation, with plagues and economic collapse — but relax… all is going to end well. Because your childish leaders are talking about it… talking and talking about how purchasing the latest magic wand will make you wiser, luckier, and happier.

Daily, you’re fed hopes of winning tickets by those owning the Bingo, the Lotto, and all purses opened in the casinos in which producers and consumers came to fall in the same trap; the first must keep producing junk stuff to be consumed by the latest who must keep consuming… infuriating the planet to be admired and valued by minds who associate To Consume with To Succeed.

Because your twisted hearts are all in the same sinking boat, they are gasping for breath, they too want more love to stop their insomnia’s refusal to sleep alone, but does having better objects equate to having better relationships? Does a good relationship with yourself happen only amongst high tech gadgets? Surely, there must be a middle ground to be found in between not needing and not wanting.

Why not simply ask a bunch of Impulsive Shoppers after they’re done, arguing, with a group of Virgoans Minimalists about making eco-friendly savings rather…

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