Destined New Life — Think Extremely Well of Yourself

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4 min readNov 28, 2019
Destiny — Think Extremely Well of Yourself
Photo: The Rock-afire Explosion — Beach Bear By DrFawkes

Destiny — Think Extremely Well of Yourself

Remember the burping nursery? You are as good as you think so see new sceneries or soon visit loopy cemeteries. Go under the shade of an old tree, in open fields near silent woods, form new surroundings. Get back into real tropical or homemade salt baths, sip sunlight cocktails made of natural skies, and if you are rapaciously saving resources for the zombies days ahead, no problemo, just bring your garden plastic jacuzzi with you.

For there, in arctic fresh air or under a living room fan near a freezer door left open, you are cooler than you’ve ever been. Chill, grab a cup of ice cubes, or walk on icebergs rather than barefooted on fire. And whoever does not want to fly away with you, leave them at the airport, for you are bolder than you think in your bikini. You are not the shape of your abdominals but the beliefs whispering in your mind, and the totality of your imagination, so go somewhere new. Instantly think extremely well of yourself.

Reignite the fire of your soul by getting back on track under natural sunshine or by carrying your tanning sunbed with you. Then, do not build castles in the sand or palaces in mud, build mansion houses filled with joyous thoughts that create new ideas instead.
Dead monotony kills the brain and originality revives it.
Beware of boredom in routines, it kills the spirit.
Liberate your thoughts from fears, prejudices and limitations;
Dressed or undressed, talk well of what you do, talk well of what you have. Be proud of yourself for each sunrise is a fresh world, an occasion to plan a pleasure trip or a reason to move on invincibly towards acting with firmness of purpose for you are greater than you think.

Rusted yet renewed every tenacious morning, each day begins another life. Persistently and indefinitely, souls live for eternity. Here, where suspicious thoughts turning trustworthy friends into foes are intertwined with a strangling fate that strives to metamorphose betrayals into allies; the final choice is always yours. Here, if you’re drowning in an unbearable situation, you must pull yourself out somehow. Try, feel extreme harmony so your…

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