Are You Happy? How The Environment Influences Your Life and Motivation

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4 min readNov 19, 2014
7 Things to Give Up for Happiness: Self doubt, Blaming others, Procrastination, Limiting beliefs, Negative self talk
7 Things to Give Up for Happiness: Self doubt, Blaming others, Procrastination, Limiting beliefs, Negative self talk, Dwelling on the past, Resistance to change.

How The Environment Influences Your Life: Most people feel that they need to complete one goal in their life, tick it off and then move onto another.

In this rat race to achieve various life goals, some forget to be happy and to live in the moment as they feel that their life is not moving quickly enough in the direction in which they want it to be.

Day to day lives are hectic with a shortage of happiness.

How the environment influences your life and motivation: If you are one of those people and are not happy with your life then you should take some steps in this regard. You should not assume that everyone around you is unhappy too; a common phenomenon. Rather, you should try to change your life’s direction to focus on achieving utmost happiness. If you are wondering how you should go about it then here are some tips to develop yourself at getting motivated:

Manage minor stressors: In general stress isn’t good news for our health. If you keep worrying about little things in life like, whether you will get promoted soon and what you should cook for dinner tonight then you are making your own life miserable. Being stressed solves nothing. It only gives you a headache and it labels you, as a killer of peaceful atmospheres. So instead avoid stress, chill and try to enjoy the mundane parts of life.

Count your blessings: Changing your perception is a sure way to be happy. If you have a dispute with someone in your household, try to see the brighter and caring side of each person rather than dwelling on upset feelings for too long. If you feel down because you can’t upgrade your house, why don’t you at least be thankful to have a home in the first place. Wishing for more in life but never taking the chance to enjoy what you already have leads to disappointment, so remember that grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence.

Live in the present: Live in the present without negatively thinking about the past and the future. To spend a lot of time brooding about the past won’t change a thing. If you have made a mistake in the past then let go of it. Similarly, worrying obsessively about the future isn’t the best way to plan for it. Instead…